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The SDS O&M Bureau service is relevant whether you are a contractor or building owner or Facilities Manager.

Read more about use services in the pages below, to see just how The SDS O&M Bureau could help you on current, past or future projects. As a market leader in this industry, we are confident that once we are appointed to produce your documentation, you will wonder why you haven't used us before.

For a demonstration on how The SDS O&M Bureau can help you with your  documentation, call 01425 621260 to discuss your requirements or arrange an appointment.


The Tower of Babel Syndrome

The Tower of Babel Syndrome

Still get to practical completion when things go wrong!
"Angry at their arrogance, God decided to...

Work with us

The Benefits of Working With Us

Working with The SDS O&M Bureau eliminates the headache of having to produce quality Operation...

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Whether you are intending to develop a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan or just wish...

New Building Documentation

New Buildings

Most contractors would agree that their business is becoming ever more complex and...

Existing Buildings

Existing Buildings

Building documentation is often considered a necessity by contractors, but it can also be a job and...

Real-time Online Documentation

Real-Time Online Documentation

The SDS O&M Bureau has developed a way of having multi-location documentation available. Hosted...

3D tower with crane

TM31 Building Logs

Part L 2006 requires that owners of buildings are to be provided with summary information on new or...