Retrieval Systems

Compile all your project asset information onto one software accessible from anywhere!

SDS O&M Ltd Project Digital Asset Bank is a complete cloud-based system designed to protect and store all O&M documentation readily available from any secure network via your PC/laptop/tablet or phone!

SDS O&M Ltd design all our systems to mirror a Windows File Directory making your life easier to search all O&M documentation!

Cut time in searching through bulks of paper for individual files - SDS O&M Project Digital Asset Bank gives you all the tools to create a fast, dynamic approach in maintaining your business assets when you need it most.



Boolean Search

SDS O&M Project Digital Asset Bank included Boolean search features. This is a must have for all businesses with multiple sites and hundreds of O&M manuals. SDS O&M Project Digital Asset Bank enables you to search via Folder/File Name/Date/Catalogue and most importantly Body Text.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows SDS O&M Ltd to scan any size document logging all words and phrases that will relate to your searchings. Thousands of documents can be narrowed down to 1 file just by searching for the file name, phrase or word.

OCR Body Text and SDS O&M's Boolean Search features allows one search to reduce 1000's of files down to one in seconds! 

With the power of Body Text you can achieve this through SDS O&M Project Digital Asset Bank. This will save you time, money and completing the task at hand!

Alternatively, Boolean search allows you to locate your desired files by searching for the multiple selections shown above, unlimited lines can be created via the green plus symbol widening your search even more!

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Your refurbished or new building will be easier to manage – our service provide all the drawings, documents, permissions in a concise, searchable and updateable CD-ROMs or online Living Solution