Building User Guides

SDS O&M Bureau can dissect all relevant information compiled in the O&M Manual to produce an accurate, readable and easy to use Building User Guide (BUG). Depending on the audience we can include complex or simplified information suitable for the reader. It is important to keep the BUG simple and to the point, whilst ensuring all required topics are covered. All bulk complex text must be kept in the O&M Manual.

What are Building User Guides?

A building user guide (BUG) is provided that will inform and guide the tenants/occupants and non-technical building management staff on the operation and environmental performance of the space and how to ensure a high level of environmental operation on a day to day basis.

The guide should be a light-weight tool, depending on project size or complexity, but not exceed more than 10 pages or the equivalent amount in a digital or online format.

What is in a BUG?

  • Contents
  • Introduction / How to use the guide
  • Overview of the building and its environmental strategy
  • Building services overview and access to controls
  • Pre-arrival information for visitors
  • Provision of and access to shared facilities
  • Safety and emergency information / instructions
  • Operational procedures specific to building type
  • Building related incident reporting and feedback arrangements
  • Building related training information / links
  • Provision of and access to transport facilities
  • Provision of and access to local amenities
  • Re-fit, refurbishment and maintenance arrangements / considerations
  • Links, references and relevant contact details


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