Home User Guides

SDS O&M can produce high quality and simplified Home User Guides (HUG). All dwellings completed must follow up with a HUG allowing the owner/tenants to maintain an energy efficient building. The format must be suitable for all users with clear instructions and no bulk complex text.

SDS O&M Bureau can provide HUG's alongside O&M manuals completing all handover documentation ready for practical completion.

Why do you need to provide HUGs?

A Home User Guide should be provided to the owner when a new dwelling is completed. The Home User Guide should contain non-technical advice on how to operate and maintain the home in a healthy and energy efficient manner in a suitable form to be understood by the occupants. Some developers or home builders may already be providing this information via a home user guide. If a home user guide contains this information then a separate Home User Guide is not required.

In its entirety, the information contained in a Home User Guide should explain the basic operating principles of the energy systems installed within a home for the following topics:

  • ventilation,
  • renewable energy,
  • heating and domestic hot water, and
  • staying cool in hot weather


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Working with us eliminates the headache of having to produce quality Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals. Our expert team have produced hundreds of projects and guarantees on time practical completion.