Living System

Maintain the compliance of your business by updating your O&M documentation on the go!

  1. Populate the system with every O&M documentation composed, simply by creating folders and sub folders in the same format you have been provided.
  2. Update your O&M documentation by our drag and drop feature with files from your computer.
  3. Create unlimited user accounts for all company employees or 3rd party contractors completing any repair work.

Every account will be able to create and edit any folders/subfolders or files relevant to their work maintaining continuity and compliance to your business.

Audit trails are also included allowing the Administrator to have eyes everywhere, if anyone removes/changes or uploads any documents, you will always be notified keeping you up to date and ready to react to any mistakes there and then that could go unseen.

Impress your clients with SDS O&M's diverse data management system, allowing instant access upon practical completion from any device.

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Building Owners

Your refurbished or new building will be easier to manage – our service provide all the drawings, documents, permissions in a concise, searchable and updateable CD-ROMs or online Living Solution