Operation & Maintenance Manuals

We Get You To Practical Completion –
On Time, Every Time!

SDS O&M strive in making our clients projects more manageable by removing the stress of O&M manuals upon completion. SDS O&M are specialists and have the tools ready at hand to provide a fully comprehensive service to chase, collate and compile an accurate, best in class O&M Manual that matches the professionalism and care found within your business.

SDS O&M understand that contractors may not have the resource available to keep up with the demands your business needs, or the time to fully manage the collation of documentation providing a user-friendly manual for your client ready for practical completion.

SDS O&M are here to help relieve that pressure, provide peace of mind and remove any issues you may be experiencing, delaying the completion of your project.

Our Steps to Practical Completion

  • One Agree delivery process
  • Two Sub-contractor management: chasing of all project data
  • Three Draft presented one month prior to Practical Completion
  • Four Handover of all documentation on PC
  • Five After care: SDS O&M Project Digital Asset Bank
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Building Owners

Your refurbished or new building will be easier to manage – our service provide all the drawings, documents, permissions in a concise, searchable and updateable CD-ROMs or online Living Solution

Our Systems

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