Health & Safety Files

SDS O&M have over eight years of experience in compiling the correct information to produce a compliant Health and Safety File to complement your O&M manual for practical completion.

SDS O&M liaise with Principal Contractors, Principal Designers and the Project Team providing detailed templates that have been tried and tested over 1000s of projects securing your Health and Safety File with a clear structure and compliant record.

SDS O&M compile all the documents required, ensuring compliance is achieved and will produce all data onto a clear, readable format ready for handover.

Why do we need a Health and Safety File?

The Health and Safety File is a Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 (CDM15) legislative requirement on all notifiable construction related activities where more than one contractor has been appointed.

It is crucial that a H&S File is presented upon practical completion on all projects carried out.

The H&S File is separate to the O&M Manual but may be delivered together, it contains all information to assist any future operation, maintenance, alterations, cleaning and demolition to ensure all activities can be carried out safely.

It is a powerful tool to protect those who are working on current and future construction projects.

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Your refurbished or new building will be easier to manage – our service provide all the drawings, documents, permissions in a concise, searchable and updateable CD-ROMs or online Living Solution