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Complete Data Management

SDS O&M Bureau procidde a complete data management service of chasing collating and presenting of all project documentation, enabling us to provide the tailored building manual you require. 

We cover projects across all sectors, and areas nationwide. Our team are available throughout, from conception to completion, removing any stress you many find, and ensuring practical completion is achieved for every project.


Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals

Operation & Maintenance Manuals

We Get You To Practical Completion – On Time, Every Time!
SDS O&M strive in making our clients projects...

Health and Safety Files

Health & Safety Files

SDS O&M have over eight years of experience in compiling the correct information to produce a compliant Health and...

Document Scanning


Completely digitise your company's assets. SDS O&M Bureau can scan all hard copy O&M...

Building User Guides

Building User Guides

SDS O&M Bureau can dissect all relevant information compiled in the O&M Manual to produce an accurate, readable...

Home User Guides

Home User Guides

SDS O&M can produce high quality and simplified Home User Guides (HUG). All dwellings completed must follow up with...

New Building Documentation

New Buildings

Most contractors would agree that their business is becoming ever more complex and competitive.
Employers are more...

Existing Buildings

Existing Buildings

Building documentation is often considered a necessity by contractors, but it can also be a job and time saver for...

Work with us

The Benefits of Working With Us

Working with The O&M Bureau eliminates the headache of having to produce quality Operation and Maintenance...

The Tower of Babel Syndrome

The Tower of Babel Syndrome

Still get to practical completion when things go wrong!
"Angry at their arrogance, God decided to disrupt the work. He...